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The Opportunity

Positive Outcomes

Enjoy reading some of our positive experiences at iThemba. Please note names have been changed.

Luleka’s Mom says how she loves to come to school and always tells her about what she has learnt from school each day. She reminds them at home to say grace before eating supper.

‘It’s my turn Lihle’, Amanda says softly to the friend she is pushing on the swing. Amanda is a very fragile four-year-old girl. When she started at the school she refused to eat anything and she was very shy and sensitive. Four months later she is eating enthusiastically and has gained a kilogram. It is a pleasure to see her enjoying taking turns on the swing with her friends, as well as participating in class.

When Lisiwe arrived at iThemba, she struggled to focus in class and to follow school rules. Now, three years later, thanks to the gifts lovingly provided by our wonderful supporters, she leaves iThemba with the skills she needs to take up her Grade 1 place in a local Primary School.

"I see a lot off difference to Michael because he now knows how to count the numbers and the months of the years."

"Thank you so much teachers for taking care of our kids. My Mary is doing very well we speak english at home everyday because of you she want to be the one who pray for us. Thank you keep up the good work."

Thandi is a thoughtful five-year-old boy who has been at the school for two years. ‘My train has a driver and a lot of passengers ‘ he explains to his teacher, as he adds detail to the train he is making from egg boxes and rubber cut-offs. He has struggled with expressing himself and with doing puzzles. Thandi’s teacher is from a house keeping background and has trained at the school, now qualified to teach Grade R. She said, ‘Thandi has improved very much this term, he can now do a 60 piece puzzle! I always try to be patient with him and use a soft voice to encourage him.’